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Nutrition & Anti Aging

Nutrition & Anti-Aging.

anti aging To complement your body and facial contouring and prolong your new rejuvenated appearance, we've developed customized programs to help you build a healthier, younger and more beautiful you. Nutritional deficiencies may have a critical impact on many symptoms such as anemia, insomnia, energy imbalance, fatigue and your skin appearance. We believe that a long term improvement can be achieved by identifying and correcting your chemical imbalance. Lead by Dr. Castaño, our customized programs offer a complete rejuvenation from inside out, helping you increase your energy levels and improve your appearance.

As you age, your body is no longer producing estrogen and progesterone. Replacing those hormones may significantly improve your appearance and make you feel younger. As an integral part of your total lifestyle change, our programs include:

  • Nutrition and Supplements
  • Weight Management
  • Anti Aging - Hormone Replacement Therapy

Overweight? Feeling loss of energy? If you're suffering from these symptoms, you may experiencing hormonal hormonal imbalance.
50% of all men over 60 years old, have low levels of testosterone, as do 35% of men in their 50’s and 20% of men in their 40’s. Most women over 40 experience hormonal decline and imbalance.

Hormone Replacement

Hormones regulate the essential functions of your body such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, repair, immunity, libido, mood, mental function and sleep. Hormones directly are linked to our vitality, longevity, health and well-being. Replacing hormones could make a major in your feeling, your appearance and longevity.

The Program

Based on several tests, analysis and evaluation of your condition, we'll prescribe a customized program that will be tailored to your individual needs, such as:

  • Nutritional supplements to ensure your body has the rich nutrients it needs to make and balance its hormones.
  • Hormone replacement therapy to replace youthful hormone levels at the right balance for healthy function.
  • Dietary changes to meet your body's needs.

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