non invasive body sculpting

reduce cellulite & fat

eliminate facial fat and wrinkles

non surgical and needle free

now at Southlake Town Square

Non Invasive Body & Facial Contouring. Unmatched Results.

BellaContour is a market leader of non-invasive body and facial contouring systems with unmatched results in inch loss, cellulite and wrinkle reduction.
No other machine in the market promises a non invasive reduction of up to 8" of fat (in just a single treated area).
The system uses a combination of low energy ultrasound, electrical stimulation and vacuum massage to remove unwanted fat painlessly and efficiently.
This FDA approved non surgical treatment stimulates facial and body fat cells so that fat is released and then eliminated as part of the body's natural metabolic process. The treatment is pain free and with zero downtime. Suitable for both men and women.

as seen on CBS DFW, NBC News, Fox News, ABC News, In Style Magazine, In Touch Magazine

Body Contouring

Lose inches, eliminate fat, reduce stretch marks and cellulite and tighten your skin with BellaContour's non invasive and pain free FDA approved system.

Common areas treated are: abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms. Suitable for all ages, sex and body shapes. The perfect solution for pregnancy fat.

Patients using the BellaContour® lose up to 8" in one area with an average of 0.8" during their first treatment.


BellaContour Facial Contouring - before and after

BellaFace: a Non-invasive Facelift

A non invasive, safe, pain-free (and needle free!) facial treatment that utilizes BellaContour® ultrasound patented technology.

The treatment revitalizes your facial skin, reduces your facial fat, diminishes your wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and excess skin along the jaw line and under the chin, in 5 treatments with zero downtime!

Drop a decade from your face and gain smoother, tighter skin with less sagging. Significant results are visible on your first treatment.


As seen on CBS News DFW

CBS News interview of Dr. Castano MD, covering our latest ultrasound facial contouring system which was exclusively launched at BellaContour at Southlake Town Square.
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